Local Tax Measures

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West Orange County Taxpayers Association

Too many cities in the west Orange County area have extra local city taxes/fees on residential property, commercial property, utilities, television programming, telephones, cell phones, sewer, trash, sales taxes, and the list goes on. And too many of these taxes/fees were implemented without a vote of the people. It's time for this to stop.

Fullerton Measure S
West Orange County Taxpayers Association

Businesses are taking loans just to stay open. Higher prices hurts locally-owned retailers and restaurants. Let's don't make things worse for them. Click here to learn more about Fullerton Sales Tax Measure S

Los Alamitos Measure Y
West Orange County Taxpayers Association

Don't add taxes to toilet paper, Lysol disinfectant, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, etc. Support residents and businesses in voting NO on the Los Alamitos Sales Tax Increase Measure Y November 2020. Click here to learn more about Los Alamitos Sales Tax Measure Y

Propositions 14, 15, 18

Proposition 14
West Orange County Taxpayers Association

Bonds for Stem Cell Research vote no. Too many residents, friends, and neighbors are struggling financially right now. Borrowing $5.5 billion more in addition to the $3 billion we spent in 2004 is the wrong thing to do. Vote NO on proposition 14.

Proposition 15
West Orange County Taxpayers Association

Property Tax Increase vote no. This is known as "split roll" on property tax. Proposition 15 would repeal part of Prop. 13 and require reassessment to market value of business properties like supermarkets, shopping malls, office buildings, movie theaters, hotels, restaurants, etc. Businesses don't pay taxes, they pass these costs of doing business down to the consumer. They could come after homeowners next. Protect Prop. 13. Vote NO on proposition 15.

Proposition 18
West Orange County Taxpayers Association

17-Year-Old Voting vote no.We already have tax-raising groups using OUR local campusus as training camps and this will only get worse when each class secession turns into a training secessions. Complex issues find themselves in front of voters from time to time especially taxes. Those that are not yet at the age of legal responsibility (age 18) should not be deciding what's good or bad for us at the ballot box. Vote NO on proposition 18.

Propositions 19, 21

Proposition 19
West Orange County Taxpayers Association

Transfer Property Tax Base vote no. Proposition 19 takes away important taxpayer protections such as transfering tax assessments and maintaining inheritance rights for their children and grandchildren. The only exception is if the children move into the home within a year and make it their principal residence. Vote NO on proposition 19.

Proposition 21
West Orange County Taxpayers Association

Rent Control vote no. We just defeated this in 2018. This would likely discourage new construction leading to less supply thus higher rents. Let's not make the housing crisis worse than it is already. Vote NO on proposition 21.